A Visit from The Texas International Leadership School

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Mr. Conger, the founder and superintendent of International Leadership of Texas (referred to as ILTexas), along with a delegation of three visited our school on June 15th, 2023. ILTexas  is the partner school of our school's China-US Cooperative Program of High School Curriculum (AP Class).


Firstly, Mr. Conger gave an enthusiastic speech in an English class, introducing the learning characteristics of American high schools and engaging in in-depth communication with students. He spoke highly of the fluency in expressing themselves in English and their critical thinking abilities. He also expressed appreciation for the high level of English teaching at our school and acknowledged that our AP English class and students are "first-class."

Subsequently, they observed the mid-term achievement exhibition of project-based learning in the AP course. In the AP Microeconomics class, the students presented to visiting American teachers the mid-term results of two project-based learning projects: “How to reasonably price the home-stay industry in Nanluoguxiang to achieve profitability” and “Three Year Bill of High School International Education”. They introduced the purpose of topic selection, research methods, mid-term research results and follow-up research plans. In the project-based learning of AP Biology's "Using Modeling Method to Reveal the Mysteries of Life", students were divided into groups to introduce a biological model made of ultra-light clay, which is both scientifically significant and aesthetically pleasing. Students taking AP statistics chose and demonstrated the interdisciplinary project of statistics and psychology called "The Influence of the Group Size of High School Students' Panel Discussions on Critical Thinking of Team Members". Several members of the group introduced the research process , including  topic selection, plan formulation, experiment, data collection and analysis. In the presentations of various disciplines, the students' topic selection, knowledge range, research awareness, and English proficiency were unanimously praised by the visiting guests.

2E2A6048.jpegAfterwards, our school held a welcome ceremony for the delegation from the friendly school in the 202 Conference Room of Building LiRu. Principal Wang Liping and Principal Assistant Xu Lan attended the reception. During the ceremony, Principal Wang Liping introduced our school's educational philosophy, AP curriculum, and educational achievements. She also engaged in in-depth communication with Mr. Conger regarding the cooperation between the two schools in curriculum , teacher training, and student exchange programs. Then, both parties exchanged Project Cooperation Agreements and jointly celebrated the establishment of the cooperative relationship. Deputy director Yuefang Yu, along with teacher Weiwei Wang, Ling Fang, Boshujie Li, and Wenli Liu, accompanied the discussions.


After the discussion, Mr Conger and the delegation of the friendly school also visited our various facilities in our school, including the gymnasium, Xing Tan (a replica of the original Xing Tan Academy where Confucius taught his disciples), Sanwei Studio (a replica of the private school Lu Xun attended in his youth), and had a meal in the teacher cafeteria of our school. They were highly impressed by the campus environment and facilities.

2E2A6119.jpegThrough this visit, we have deepened the understanding between our school and ILTexas. It has also promoted further communication between the two sides, laying a solid foundation for closer cooperation in the future.

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