The Belt and Road National Chinese Education Exchange Forum was held

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At 2 o’ clock on the afternoon of June 16th at the High School Affiliated to Beijing Normal University (BJSDFZ). Zhang Wei, the deputy director of Beijing International Education Exchange Center, Bai Yang, the minister of Chinese Promotion Department of Beijing International Education Exchange Center, Pang Chunli, the principal of Beijing International Education Exchange Center training school, Wang Liping, the principal of BJSDFZ, Xu Lan, the director of the BJSDFZ International Department, Dr. Quyhn Nga Nguyen, the education official at the Vietnamese Embassy in Beijing,Dr. Zhu Jinfang of the University of Malaya in Malaysia, and more than 30 outstanding Chinese teachers from 11 schools attended the forum.


Before the forum began, deputy director Zhang Wei shared the latest information on the teaching and promotion of Chinese language. Wang Liping, the principal of BJSDFZ also delivered a wonderful speech, encouraging Chinese teachers to seize The Belt and Road opportunity to better participate in the education of Chinese as a foreign language. Xu Lan, the director of the BJSDFZ Exchange Center introduced the teaching systems and specialties of the International Department. The attendees also watched a promotional video produced by the teachers and students of the International Department. Throughout the session, Dr. Nguyen shared the latest information about primary and middle school Vietnamese education systems, including the Chinese learning being carried out. Dr. Zhu Jinfang spoke with the attendees about middle school education including the teaching of Chinese language in Malaysia. After the wonderful speeches, the teachers had a better understanding of educational development and Chinese language education in different countries. This will help promote cross cultural and economic ties and create better development in the future.






Finally, all the teachers in the school watched the video Please Stay! The Guest From Afar! , Met, performed by the Jinfan Dance Group, and How Rare the Moon, So Round and Bright! recited by the students of the International Department under the leadership of the teachers of the International Department. They also visited the school classroom at Xingtan at the Three Taste Old Style Private School, and experienced the rich cultural heritage of a classroom from the Republic of China Era.






Education carries both the hope of nations and the hope of a good life for millions of people. The Belt and Road forum gives teachers of Chinese as a foreign language a chance to get acquainted with the promotion and teaching of Chinese. This forum is short, but has distinct themes: Rich content and a remarkable achievement, increasing our sense of responsibility, our sense of mission, and our sense of urgency for teaching Chinese and foreign affairs. This strengthens The Belt and Road Chinese language education and promotes cultural exchange in order to make greater global contributions.


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