The American educational delegation visited our school

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On the afternoon of June 2nd, an American educational delegation visited our school . Wang Xiaochuan from the Confucius College of Beijing Normal University led twelve educational officials from the San Francisco Unified School District (SFUSD) during their time here. The secretary, Xu Jianyong, delivered a welcome speech and spoke with the guests about curriculum designs, the evaluation of the students, and the connection between the primary school and the middle school. The director of the Educational Group Office, Liu Zongyao, also participated in the meeting. After the meeting, the team from SFUSD paid a visit to Xingtan, the Three Taste Old Style Private School, Qian Xuesen Memorial Museum, the science and technology innovation classroom, art classroom, and music classroom in our school. They also listened to teacher Ji Weining’s Grade 7 Class 13 English class. They admired the students’ performance in class, and afterwards some of the guests and the teacher Ji Weining went into details of English instruction in China.






On the morning of June 15th, nine educational officials from the University of Oklahoma came to our school under the leadership of the teacher Wang Junling from the Confucius College of Beijing Normal University. The guests first looked at the graduation ceremony being carried out and the solemness and warmth in the atmosphere deeply touched them. In the subsequent visit, they visited Xingtan, the Three Taste Old Style Private School, science and technology innovation classroom, and watched the between class setting up exercise with Chinese characteristics. In the science and technology innovation classroom Xu Ruohan, a student in Grade 10 Class 2, spontaneously gave a detailed and professional English introduction to the American guests, which surprised them. In the reception room the vice principal, Li Min, gave a warm welcome to the guests and introduced our school to them. He made special note of the Sino US cooperative high school curriculum project involving our program and the Casady school in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. The guests were interested in the curriculum project and said they hoped to strengthen cooperation with the school. Eventually, the guests participated in teacher Guo Wentao’s English class, talking about fancy cars and bike shares. It turned out to be a spectacular class.








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