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The cloud-based alumni sharing activity for the AP project of the Affiliated High School of Beijing Normal University was successfully held on January 11, 2023. Students, parents, and teachers from the AP program gathered online to listen to the experiences of studying and living abroad of previous alumni.

At the beginning of the event, Assistant Principal Lan Xu delivered a speech on behalf of the school, expressing the school's sincere care and blessings (—-deep concern<—“concern sounds like something bad happened” and sincere blessings—-) for the overseas alumni. She hoped that the alumni would strive to become role models of the school and industry leaders, better serve the country and society, and illustrate the best advertisement and rewards of the education and projects of the school.


During the sharing activity, 16 alumni representatives, through eight thematic discussions and personal sharing, discussed the following topics: "What do you need to know about American private universities", "Is data science the sexiest industry in the 21st century", "The experience of studying in American public universities", "What does it mean when talking about colleges of arts and sciences", "Why do we choose to study in Canada", "The application season is not the end", "Freshman Experience in Paris, France" and "What kind of experience is it to study English in Japan". Our alumni proceeded to gladly share with classmates and parents their experiences in various aspects of university application and overseas study. From academic topics such as university choices, major transferring, and academic pressure, to life topics such as extracurricular life, school accommodation and food conditions, transportation etc., the alumni deeply engaged in lively discussions. Classmates and parents responded by actively asking questions. "Alumni Returning Day", representing a traditional and featured activity of the AP program, is held every year. The sound and beautiful friendship between the alumni and their alma mater has always been maintained. The recently graduated alumni returned to their mother school at the end of the year and at the beginning of the year to exchange their learning experience and work experience both in the Affiliated High School and in overseas universities with their younger brothers and sisters in the school, respectively, which also brought the scenery outside the Ivory Tower. <<—- 小白楼?what? Hence guided the students in the Affiliated High School to keep moving forward.




The end of the activity left people panting for more. The graduates expressed their gladness to participate in the cloud-based return to school event. Students and parents on campus also shared that they have received a lot of valuable first-hand information, broadened their horizons, and gained a lot from the real operation.<—— what does this mean? face to face communication?

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