The themed lecture "Legal Knowledge Enters Campus- The Laws Around Us" for the 8th grade students was successfully held

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On March 28, 2023, the second-grade students of our school attended a successful lecture titled "Legal Knowledge Enters Campus - The Laws Around Us" in the Century Hall of our school. The invited speaker was lawyer Wang Beijing from Beijing Kunjie Law Firm and was co-hosted by Zhang Xiaoyue, the Grade Leader, and Mei Chao, the Political Preparation Group Leader for grade 8. Bai Chaolu, the Deputy Director of the Student Affairs Office, Wang Jing, the Grade Deputy Leader, and all the homeroom teachers of Grade 8, who also attended the event.


At the beginning of the lecture, lawyer Wang asked the question of whether drones can fly freely, which led to students' contemplation of the boundary of freedom. Then, based on a large number of life scenarios, Wang raised a series of thought-provoking questions such as "throwing poison in one's own land seems not to affect others, but can it constitute a crime? Can we say whatever we want in our own wechat group of friends? Is it my fault if the ESO looks like me? Is it mutual fighting or justifiable defense?" The lecture emphasized that law is everywhere, and how we should correctly exercise our own rights. Students gained new insights from Lawyer Wang's lecture.


Towards the end of the lecture, Mei Chao emphasized from the perspective of subject knowledge that "everyone must bear the full consequences and responsibilities for their behaviors," achieving a balance between rights and obligations. Zhang Xiaoyue, based on recent issues in students' interpersonal relationships, emphasized to students the "kindness + rules" behavior criteria.


The grade 8 students listened carefully to the lecture and once again clarified and strengthened their understanding of freedom and rules: social rules define the boundary of freedom and also guarantee people's enjoyment of freedom. Middle school students should firmly establish the concept of rule of law and use the law to guide their own behaviors, achievable by learning the law, understanding the law, obeying the law and using the law.


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