Excellent Results Achieved in the "First Youth AI and Future Media Global Innovation Challenge Competition"

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On December 26, 2022, the award ceremony of the "First Youth AI and Future Media Global Innovation Challenge Competition" jointly sponsored by Beijing Normal University, China Welfare Institute of Children's Palace and Tencent WeChat was carried out in the form of live video broadcast through Station B and other platforms.

This competition received over 500 entries from over 200 schools across the country, as well as multiple students’ works from countries such as the UK, Canada, Finland, etc. After three rounds of rigorous evaluation by 20 evaluation experts, the primary and secondary school groups each selected 1 special prize, 5 first place prizes, 10 second place prizes, 60 third place prizes, and 20 WeChat Innovation Awards.

Our junior-two students Yu Ye and Jiangrong Ming won the special prize and WeChat Innovation Award in the middle school’s group for their work "Accompanying Beijing Colorful Journey, On the Cloud - Hundred and Twenty- Affiliated High School". Teacher Jianbin Zhang was awarded the title of "Excellent Instructor".

This work focused on the practical problems around students, comprehensively applied multi-disciplinary knowledge such as geography, mathematics, art, technology, etc. for data acquisition and functional design, and used artificial intelligence technology to write programs to create a practical campus navigation work. At the same time, paying attention to the social value of the work, exploring its universality, showcasing the idea and implementation path of enabling people who could not program to develop a WeChat mini program. The entire creative process reflected our school's cultivation of students' comprehensive qualities such as interdisciplinary knowledge application, artificial intelligence technology application, and social responsibility, fully reflecting our school's concept of "full personality education". We hope that in future activities, students from Affiliated High School can continue to strive for excellence and achieve better results!


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