Improvement of Classroom Teaching Based on Deep Learning - AP English Subject Sub Forum

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The "Improvement of Classroom Teaching Based on Deep Learning" - AP Project English Teaching and Research Sub Forum” of the Affiliated High School of Beijing Normal University was held online in the afternoon of December 2, 2022. More than 60 teachers and experts from the English team of the AP project, as well as principals and English teachers from the Beijing Education Support Cooperation Project and "TongLiao High School Principal Studio Project", participated in the entire forum activity.

Firstly, Assistant Principal Lan Xu, General Manager of the AP Program in the Affiliated High School of Beijing Normal University, introduced the AP program that has been in operation for ten years. One of the important achievements was the construction of the English characteristic curriculum system as the core curriculum. The English teaching and research group of AP project has designed several course modules, such as intensive reading, extensive reading, writing, listening, speaking, literature and drama, according to the comprehensive requirements of the core qualities of the discipline on cultural awareness, language ability, thinking quality and learning ability. These course modules were designed at the top level of the course, centered around the unit learning theme, supporting each other, and jointly achieving the goal of disciplinary education.

The highlights of this sub forum were two demonstration classes carefully designed by Vera Wang and Rachel (last name? haha how come only vera gets a last name). Vera Wang, head of AP English teaching and research team, introduced the features of the AP English subject curriculum, namely, both refining the curriculum categories and giving full play to the integration advantages. The writing course of "Unit 5 Education" designed and displayed by Vera was the cornerstone course of the AP project in the first phase of the senior high school, which was developed in accordance with the national curriculum standards and was carried out in combination with AP learning. The extensive reading course on "Poetry Do Not Go Gentle Into That Good Night" conducted by foreign teacher Rachel belonged to a personalized development course that expanded students' knowledge, accumulated reading volume, and enriched reading topics.

Professor Jinxiu Zhang, a national training expert from the Ministry of Education and a professor from the Beijing Institute of Education, gave high praise to the two research courses. The two teachers provided excellent language demonstrations for the students, with fluency, accurate pronunciation and intonation, and a dazzling expression of confidence. At the same time, engaging interaction between teachers and students, and proficient use of online teaching methods were demonstrated. In terms of teaching implementation, the focuses of teaching design for both classes were very prominent. The first class analyzed paragraph structure and was easy to imitate. The second class appreciated poetry, deeply explored the theme, and inspired students to profoundly assess and expand their outlook on life. While adhering to our education values, both courses were completed through the English Teaching and Research Group of the AP projects in the research process of "classroom teaching improvement based on deep learning".


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